We provide a range of services and solutions. We provide the services by aiming on requirements, communication, technology, development, design, and management. We always believe in providing services with high quality by achieving deadlines. We offer a wide range of customised solutions through our three service divisions, namely Technology Services, Consulting Services and Support Services. These solutions are driven by an operating policy that focuses on customer experience and sustainability.    

Language Solutions

Language is the most powerful tool that connects with every segment of society .  People take action when they can relate to our words powerfully, with affinity and see an opportunity for themselves in any idea, product or service. People are most likely to relate to things in their native language and hence global brands must reach to wider range of audience.

 We enables global brands to reach, grow, and engage with wider range of masses and international audiences through search optimised translation, localization, adaptation and impactful copy-writing solutions.  We provide most accurate , matriculated  and  cost effective service offerings as per our clients requirement .

We believe that  if  fundamental challenges in communication and messaging ,  if addressed correctly can touch , move and inspire your audience to see new possibilities and opportunities from your communication and take action.

We provide  multilingual communications made easy and effective through our solution offerings that make a global impact and  make a huge difference. Continue Reading.

Remote DBA

Organisations face many challenges in delivering a stable, efficient database infrastructure. Budget pressures, demands for higher availability and increasing workloads can all mean that pressure is building on database support , staff and infrastructure adding cost to company . 

With Remote DBA from our consulting experts  you can be assured of a proven, stable and secure process for the cost-effective management of all components of your database  infrastructure wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your home. 

We provide the highest level of stability for business critical operations. Our clients receive a superior level of personalised solution offerings , and round the clock support from our team of highly experienced , passionate , dedicated and knowledgeable technical professionals.  Continue Reading.

Corporate Training

Transcendental  Technologies offers wider range of Corporate Training Programs in different technology areas . We do not aim for the good, it’s not enough for us. We aim for the best and fall nothing short of it in our Corporate Training programmes. We painstakingly source the best trainers to deliver our corporate training’s. 

The training programs can be customized based on the requirement of the organizations . You can choose your areas of interest and get fine-tuned and in depth knowledge of the subject matter and guidance from our industry experts.  We can provide solution offering best suited as per your comfort so that your daily operations are not affected.

We set a benchmark by providing training and help you gain a practical overview of chosen subject area , we follow training process through modelling and  best practices and latest techniques in corporate training arena to meet the rapidly developing challenges of corporate training global world . Continue Reading.