The world of the DBA is changing. DBAs now increasingly are asked by the organizations they work for to manage more systems with larger amounts of data, while at the same time organizations are trying to keep IT costs the same or even to lower costs. Simultaneously, DBAs are being asked to give more of their time to help corporate developers to understand data models and the best data access paradigms for building reliable applications that perform to the scale that the corporation requires. With these tensions, organisations need more from their DBAs in terms of enterprise manageability, scalability, and availability.

At Transcendental we try to fulfil those requirements by offering our low cost Remote DBA services. Remote DBA services offer substantial technical and business benefits to an organization.They can help you to simplify, automate, and centralize IT operations and business application services. We offer architecture and planning services at three levels: initial assessment and discovery; project planning; and full advisory services. It will help you determine the best administrative strategies, hedge risks and exposure to minimum downtime and make sure your database performs efficiency during peak user load.

Remote DBA team focuses on following areas.

  • Analysis of the database servers
  • Rationalising the database servers
  • Security Optimisations
  • Operational Excellence
  • Installation and Upgrade database server instances
  • Capacity planning for Infrastructure requirements and database growth
  • High Availability and Redundancy planning
  • On demand database shutdowns and restarts, as necessary
  • Managing ongoing changes to database schema, disk space, storage, user roles and privileges as per requirement and maintain security as clients IT security policy
  • Performing performance optimization and reorganizations as required
  • Proactive review of database performance, events and alerts
  • Maintaining, updating, and implementing database backup and archive processes and procedures
  • Setting and tuning system parameters for optimum database response and performance
  • Performance monitoring and tuning services, building appropriate indexes, specifying buffers and caches
  • Manage database upgrades and patches as and when required with minimal downtime
  • Backup and restoration of databases
  • General troubleshooting and assistance to development teams
  • Troubleshooting problems regarding databases and associated applications and development tools
  • Administration of all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.

Optimized Database Server Offering

  • Analysis of the database server
  • Rationalising the database server
  • Security Optimisation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Analysis – Using a data-driven discovery and compilation suite of tools and scripts, we perform analyses resulting in detailed insight into controlled and uncontrolled database deployments. This leads to a detailed environmental analysis, including strategies and roadmaps, that support qualitative and quantitative business justification.
  • Rationalization – Information gathered in the Analysis phase is used to engage your database and application teams to identify opportunities for consolidation, patch management, and version upgrade. Detailed analysis drives a plan to bring your systems and IT organization in line with your vision based on industry best practices and corporate standards.
  • Security Optimization – We help organizations optimize security standards by implementing best practices and standards through multi-layer architectures, Windows versus database authentication, and authentication versus authorization.
  • Operational Excellence – Operational best practices (based on business-driven requirements) and application platform optimisation tactics are recommended. Both are focused on minimising downtime while maximising resources.

Business benefits:

  • The services are designed to be adapted to client requirements, on how little or how much you want to outsource your database administration.
  • Service plans can be offered for business hours or 24 x 7 depending on the customer requirements.
  • Provide cost-effective DBA coverage, with savings of up to 65% over in-house staffing
  • Allows focus on the database and its role in your infrastructure. DBA responds rapidly and resolves open issues in a timely manner
  • Enables the DBA to be more proactive in finding solutions and preventing problems before they turn into costly expenses.
  • Protect against sick days, vacation, and employee turnover.
  • Manager better workload fluctuation, with additional resources available when you need 24/7 coverage.
  • Offload day-to-day tasks to allow existing IT and DBA staff to focus on issues requiring specific business knowledge.
  • Minimise need for consultants by freeing up internal staff to work on business projects.
  • Enhance morale and reduce turnover by returning your IT team members to their original roles and responsibilities.