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Transcendental is a consulting organization which specializes in customized assurance services through its team of professionals in the fields of Translation & Localization Services . We have a creative , talented and professional team of Language Engineers specialised in translating . Our language engineers make sure that you can perform all your tasks in your native language and let us do the complex work of translating it to you from any language you want . We cross all the language barriers to make sure that your operations are run smoothly without delaying to ensure that your operations attaing optimum efficiency .

We at Transcendental can provide Localization Services customised to your needs we are specialised in ,

A. Translation Services

We offer a translation services for Text Translation, Editing, Auto tape translations etc. We have a group of experienced translators, Languages engineers, proof readers and reviewers. We provide a precise and accurate translation in any discipline. We follow a multistep Quality control process.

We are having the vast experience of translation in following fields: Software manuals, Specification documents, Help documents, Blogs, Technical drawings, Company History, Finance Software modules, Test cases etc.

We have worked for the leading Software companies, Localization firms, translation firms as well as

Text Translation:

We provide a precise and accurate translation in any discipline.


We provide two types of editing services as follows:

Editing: – Translation is checked for accuracy as well as grammatically and idiomatically correct language.

Proofreading: – Translation checked for completeness and accuracy of transcription.

Audio tape translation:

We provide an audio tape translation for programs, seminars, speeches and presentation.

B. Localization Services

We also provide localization services, in which we offer software localization as well as website localization. We have language experts and experienced translators in different languages. We assure a high quality, consistent translation service.

We provide translations from English to any language mentioned below and vice versa:

Japanese, German, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi.

We have a vast experience in Manual Translation, Help documents, Specification documents etc.

Software Localization:

Translation of Software

Translation of packaging, documentation, licence, agreements, warranties, help files and any other related information.

Website Localization/translation:

– Full range of consulting services to help you with the translation your website.

– Translation of each page in multiple languages.

– Limited part translation to cut down the cost as needed.

C. Other Services

Onsite language Services

We provide the onsite translation support for company’s projects.

Translation desk support to the offshore project:

We provide the translation support for the offshore projects.

Foreign Language Data Entry:

We also provide a data entry work.

Document Review:

We provide the service of reviewing the confidential documents.

Technical Translation:

We provide the technical translation in the following areas.

Technical Areas: Automotive, Accounting, Geography, Medical, Chemical,
Information Technology.