Multimedia and VFX  

  • Graphic Designing
  • Visual Effects
  • 3D Animation

Our expertise

Transcendental is an organization that provides the best possible services in the field of multimedia. Transcendental creates mesmerizing designs using the newest multimedia designing tools, software’s. As a multimedia service provider to a multitude of clients around the world, our experience is extensive and highly diversified, aiming towards the complete customer satisfaction. Transcendental can provide unique multimedia services customised according to the specific business need for each business

Our Graphic Designing Services

A.Logo Designing

Our professionals have vast experience in designing logos for companies, businesses, hospitals, corporate and other sector. We will design fresh and distinct logos that identify your company in the most accurate way.

B.Corporate Card Design

Transcendental always keep in mind the importance of a business card in promoting you and your business. We take care of this need by providing a vast variety and creativity in card designing scenario. Our creative team will help you leave the greatest first impression on your potential clients.

C.Book Cover page Design

We also specialises in creating an appealing and effective book cover design that will really make a big difference in the marketability of the book. Our experts have experience in designing the cover pages of medical books, school books, novels, etc While designing a cover page Transcendental always considers the important points such as creativity, incorporation with the book’s theme, expressive and the formatting.

Visual Effects

A. Film

Our visual effects experts have worked for several Hollywood Movies. Transcendental expertise in Rotoscopy, Compositing, Wireremoval, and Cleanup. We strive to create exclusive and eye-catching Compositing for our customers. Our desire and ability to bring the creativity to each and every project we encounter means an exceptional finished product for our client.

B. Commercial

Transcendental team has worked on major products in TV advertisements, serials and commercials with best output. Our professionals are having deep technical understanding of the art and science of digital compositing which then combines with their innovation to create outstanding visual effects

3D Animation

Whether it is 3D models or animation, our skilled team of hands-on specialists work closely with clients to get the best out of their project and exceed their expectations. We are vigilant to provide stunning 3D animation services in accordance with and the imagination of our valued customers. Whatever your company can conceive, Transcendental animate that product to come to the life.

3D Work Flow

3D Architectural Visualization Rates