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  • National security & Counter Terrorism
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Whether it’s Cyber Crimes, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security or Cyber Law related issues then Transcendental is your right choice. Through our competent team of professionals in the field of Cyber Security & Cyber Forensic we are able to deal with issues involving serious & complex crime, Terrorism, fraud, civil dispute, any criminal activity or Cyber Forensics matters or any issues related to Cyber Security matters . With an estimated 10 billion personal computers worldwide, the scope for computers to be used as an integral part of civil or criminal misuse is self-evident. Here at Transcendental we have a team of dedicated Professionals who has vast experience and are competent to handling variety of cyber-crimes varying from Organized crime, Terrorist operations, serious & complex crime, Pornography, Tax evasion, Money laundering, Virus attacks, Cyber sabotage, Source code theft. You name it and we can bring the accused to justice . Transcendental can provide Computer Forensics services ranging from Data Recovery, secure Data Erasure , Data collection, digital evidence analysis, forensic data capture, e-disclosure, Mobile & Device forensics, iphone forensics , Policy compliance verification . At Transcendental we can also carry out Pro-Active computer examination as we know the importance of Digital evidence in a court of Law & its fragile nature. Transcendental can also give the expert witness testimony, Form Computer security incidence response team & provide Incident response. We believe that we can make the difference in matters related to national security & counter terrorism with the help of our professionals ready to help you round the clock.

A. Cyber Crime Investigation

With the use of personal computers increasing day by day across the worldwide, the scope for computers to be used as an integral part of civil or criminal misuse is self-evident. Every crime committed across the globe is having the use of digital technology involved in it one way or the other by means of either computer or any other devices such as Mobiles, Cameras etc… Used to commit a crime. We at Transcendental understand the importance of the Digital Evidence & its fragile nature, we know how important it is to preserve & present this Digital Evidence in a court of law so as to bring guilty to justice. Transcendental has a team of trained professionals in the field of Cyber Crime Investigation who are competent to carry out any investigation by collecting, analysing and investigating of digital evidence and cyber trails. Some of the SOP’s followed by our Investigators include,

  • Conducting search and seizure operations
  • Tracking email accounts
  • Analysing email headers
  • Expertise in Cyber forensics
  • Recovering evidence from encrypted files
  • Recovering evidence from password protected files
  • Recovering evidence from steganographic files
  • Analysing log files
  • Investigating Malicious Code
  • Advising on Legal Issues
  • Setting up Cyber Crime Investigation Cells
  • Setting up Computer Security Incident Response Teams
  • Handling complex Cyber Crime Investigations etc…

B. Cyber Forensics

We at Transcendental using the latest forensic techniques are able to conduct variety of examination and can provide profile of usage. We can sort facts from fiction with crystallize ambiguity and our experts can making the forensic evidence come to life. In order to meet the specific needs of our clients, we utilise a wide variety of forensic tools. Our main computer analysis tools are EnCase and Forensic ToolKit etc… These tools meet the analysis needs of a large proportion of the cases we deal with and allow for a dual-tool approach for the verification of findings. We can competently carry out any forensic examination. Some of our principle avenues in the field of Cyber Forensics are such as

  • Data and Evidence Recovery
  • Mobile & Device Forensics
  • Forensic Data Capture
  • Digital Data Analysis
  • Secure Data Erasure
  • Electronic Data Recovery
  • Digital Evidence Analysis. ….. And the list goes on.

Our professional expertise, spanning a variety of investigations makes sure that your enquiry is in safest and most experienced hands in the field.

C. Cyber Security

As the times are changing and our dependency on technology increasing day by day, Computer has become an inevitable part of our day to day life. We are able to perform almost every single task at the press of a single button sitting in at our own comfort. As the technology and its dependency increases the threat perception also an un-avoidable as this technology is wisely exploited by the bad elements to futile the crime and criminal activities. We at Transcendental understands the serious nature of this modern Age problem and its serious consequences and with our skills and expertise in the field we are able to deal with verity of Avenues involved in Cyber security weather it’s at Domestic or Corporate level or a matter of national security or issue involving cross border Terrorism . Our expertise focus on variety of different aspects in cyber security such as,

  • Pro-Active computer examination
  • Policy Compliance Verification
  • Computer Security Incident Response Team

We can customize and design a tailor made solution exclusively for you as per your requirements to enhance your Security making sure you are absolutely safe in Cyber environment.

D. National security & Counter Terrorism

The nature of terrorist threats is changing and the changing terrorism law clearly reflect this across the globe. Some of the main offences can be categorized as:

  • Directing terrorist activities
  • Being a member of certain ‘proscribed’ terrorist organisations
  • Training others to use weapons for terrorism purposes
  • Possessing articles for which there is a suspicion that they may be used in terrorism acts
  • Using Money Laundering or raising money or funding the terrorist activities or for the purposes of terrorism.

Computers are becoming an increasingly important part of terrorist activity as individuals communicate via this media and are able to access a wealth of information that may have previously been hard to come by. The interrogation of the digital media involved in such instances is often key to the prosecution or defence. We at Transcendental have the experienced in matters of national security and terrorism having worked on a number of different Avenues. We understand that terrorism cases often have a time critical element and hence we are available round the clock to respond to nationwide & International incidents. Following client request for service our investigators are fully versed in carrying out investigations onsite and work covertly if situation demands.

E. Expert Witness Testimony

An integral part of our service and a key issue encompassed by our policies is the presentation of our findings in a court of law or at a tribunal.

It is important that from the initial incident being flagged, procedures are followed that will not jeopardise the presentation of any findings in court.

Cyber Security and Legal Services

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