We provide a range of services and solutions. We provide the services by aiming on requirements, communication, technology, development, design, and management. We always believe in providing services with high quality by achieving deadlines. We offer a wide range of customised solutions through our three service divisions, namely Technology Services, Consulting Services and Support Services. These solutions are driven by an operating policy that focuses on customer experience and sustainability.    

Digital Transformation

We provide digital marketing solutions encompassing  all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses solutions  leveraging all digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and  web presence are some of the key expertise of  team Transcendental .

We provide you with solutions to connect with current and prospective customers at the ease and comfort of your own pace .  Our detailed analysis based on research , planning , corporate strategies , effective implementation , measure and calculated auditing ensures complete optimisation of digital world best suited for your business needs. Continue Reading.

Cyber Security & Legal Services

We provide wide range of services such as e-Discovery, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security , Policy and Compliance , IT Audit , Cyber Crime Investigation ,  advanced data analytics and data recovery. These specialisms extensively cover commercial, criminal and corporate investigations, as well as litigation and dispute resolution matters.

Our ability to combine advanced forensic techniques and e-Discovery workflows, provides a leading-edge, with a proven capability from extraction through to production. Our expert analysts are some of the very best operating in the field of Cyber world who have vast experience of handling and resolving complex cases . 

Our solution offerings on  highly contentious, multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional matters with critical time lines make us obvious choice for more complex security matters and criminal investigations .  With over a decade of experience, combined with a highly secure infrastructure enables us to operate at a very highest level on a vast range of criminal investigations and security breaches. Continue Reading.

Multimedia Services

We Deliver Fully Integrated multimedia service offerings .We provide service from concept designing to print and digital service offerings necessary to create the brand awareness through our fully integrated service approach . Through our multimedia service offerings we can create and get  your 

Brand in front of the right audience at the right time in very appealing manner .  Our approach is very robust and we help you right through out with our process focusing on key parameters such as Analysis  , Innovation  and  Implementation to have you with the advantage necessary to compete in this complex digital world. Continue Reading.

Public Relations

” First impression is last impression ” . We ensure that all our customers empress with the very first appearance and provide with comprehensive tailor made solutions as per your business needs . We innovate and create strategies best suited as per your budget requirements and implement them for you on print , digital and social platforms .

Our approach is completely customer centric keeping in mind it’s targeted audience and it’s requirement , also focusing on key issues such as client limitations and other pain areas . Our team love to innovate and are very passionate about each project to make sure that the very clear message is delivered through all our PR activities. We are focused on providing businesses with comprehensive marketing strategies to simplify Your workload by centralising all of your PR communications. Continue Reading.