We provide a range of services and solutions. We provide the services by aiming on requirements, communication, technology, development, design, and management. We always believe in providing services with high quality by achieving deadlines. We offer a wide range of customised solutions through our three service divisions, namely Technology Services, Consulting Services and Support Services. These solutions are driven by an operating policy that focuses on customer experience and sustainability.    

Mobile Solutions 

We are committed to providing a complete mobility practice that will optimize, secure, and manage your hand held devices and mobile environment.

As the world adapts to changing  COVID-19 environment , many enterprises are adopting policies to support a growing remote workforce. If you need support, we are offering a wide range of ideas and  concepts  to help streamline your transition. We provide a secure environment to your work force for complete mobility operations . Continue Reading.

Product Engineering  

We provide a wide range of product engineering solutions & services including product architecture, design services, embedded software development, testing, maintenance and product support.  With more than a decade of expertise we have worked across varies verticals ranging from  security , mobility solutions , integrated solutions , products , services , PR & branding , retail solutions . Our  solutions and services for the Mobile Telecommunications industry across Symbian, Java, Microsoft and Linux. We are specialists in customised software development and solution services for manufacturers, operators and enterprises.

Our offering covers full project delivery and R&D for software platforms, applications and middle ware and integration and testing services. Any stage of a project, multiple stages or the whole project could be outsourced to us . We offer project management and consultancy support, in addition to highly skilled and experienced developers.  Continue Reading.

Animation & VFX

We provide wide range of solution offerings in motion graphics such as FILM , VFX , Animation , Info-graphics , explainer videos , commercials  , corporate films, campaigns and the list goes on . We provide cutting edge technology solutions with high-quality audio-visual effects on every projects . Our  team of highly skilled professional artists  and technicians ensure quality  product delivery. We have provided  solutions to a range of industries, including Film, Broadcast, Online, Digital, IT, Education, Hospitality, Automobile, Lifestyle, Beauty , Health care ,  Manufacturing and Retail and the list goes on. Continue Reading.

Web Solutions

We provide complete  website solutions starting from creating your online presence up until establishing you as a successful brand . Online presence is at the most important in today’s changing digital world & we ensure that you avail this technological advantage to transform your business taking it from local to global scale ensuring your success. Continue Reading.